Chicagoland company gives unbelievable deal on air conditioning cleaning and tune-up!

A Chicagoland company is giving an unbelievable deal on cleaning and tuning up central air conditioning systems. People’s Choice Heating and Air Conditioning is offering a special for only $79, to clean and tune-up home central air conditioning systems.

When asked, how can you do so much for so very little, the company simply replied:

We are in our slowest season of the year right now and it’s very important that we keep our employees working, especially in this economy. Most all of them have families they are supporting, and this is the only income some of them have in their household. This company may not make the financial returns that were used to for this type of service, however there are benefits. By showing loyalty to our employees we are going to grow and strengthen this wonderful team we have. In the long run I believe we will gain a lot more then we are losing right now. Not to mention, we have so many wonderful customers and now they will be able to take advantage of these great offers. Quite simply put, it’s a win for everyone!

K. Peterson, CEOPeople's choice air conditioning coupon

We wanted to see how good of a deal this actually was, so we took it upon ourselves to check out the midwest average for this type of service. We found that most companies are charging between $129-$189 for the very same service. We also did a little background check on People’s Choice Heating and Air Conditioning and found that they are a very reputable company with an A rating through the Better Business Bureau and very high reviews on sites such as Yelp, Home adviser and Google Plus.

We would like to congratulate People’s Choice Heating and Air Conditioning as we are awarding them The Midwest News contractor of the month award for March 2016.  The award is based off of several factors but the most important one is the integrity and commitment that they show to their employees and customers.

For more information or to contact People’s Choice Heating and Air Conditioning and take advantage of one of their very generous specials please click the coupon or the link below and it will take you directly to their website. If you are in Chicago you can also call 773-434-8888, and if you are in the Chicago suburbs you can call 708-422-0113 to speak with a comfort specialist.

Go to People’s Choice Heating and Air-Conditioning website.

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