Cleaning your home air conditioner can save you up to 30% on your electric bills!

With today’s unpredictable economy it is very important that you keep as much of your money in your pocket as possible. One of the ways to do that during the summer is to make sure that you have a clean and proper operating central air conditioning system. Not only can you save up to 30% on your electric bill, but it will also lower the chance of you having a very costly breakdown when you need your air conditioning the most.

Although we recommend getting a licensed/certified air conditioning company to do yearly maintenance on your A/C, there are things that you as the homeowner can do to help ensure that your air conditioner stays clean during the hot months such as washing the condensing coil outside with a garden hose. Air conditioning/condwashing condenserensers are made to be outside and they won’t melt if you get them wet.

Washing your condenser: Make sure that your thermostat is in the off position and turn the power off to the unit if possible. Using your garden hose and spray nozzle soak the condensing coil at a 45° angle downward as seen in the picture.  This will clear the dirt out of the intake of the condenser allowing your unit to breathe properly and perform more efficiently.

Don’t forget to change/clean your indoor filter! Now that your outside air conditioning condenser coil is clean, make sure you clean/change your indoor air filter.

Having a professional clean and tune-up your air conditioner: As stated above we recommend having a licensed/certified air conditioning technician clean and tune-up your A/C system yearly. A reputable air conditioning technician will perform the tasks that we explained above and much more. Below is a list of services that will be done during a professional air conditioning cleaning and tune-up provided by People’s Choice Heating & A/C Inc.:

• Wash condenser coil

• Clean compressor

• Perform amp draw on compressor

Air conditioning tune-up
Air conditioning tune-up

• Clean condenser fan motor

• Perform amp draw on condenser motor

• Inspect low voltage wiring

• Inspect high voltage wiring

• Check freon pressures

• Check capacitors

• Check relays

• Check disconnect box

• Check indoor PVC condensation drain

• Clean or change air filter

• Check and calibrate thermostat

• Check air flow

People’s Choice Heating and Air Conditioning is offering $30 off the cost of a central air conditioning cleaning and tune-up. Good thru 5-30-2016. Click the link below to be directed to our air conditioning cleaning page.


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